About Lykemi Crafts

Lykemi Crafts aims to help improve overall well being by improving self-confidence and self-esteem through the creation of things such as card creations, jewellery creations, hair accessories making, home decor and other designs that paper can do which is also beneficial to the environment. These are achieved through teaching these and many more new skills courses to it members and running of regular workshops and setting up of events. We are offering our services to your organisation as we believe it can help develop and improve the mental and physical well being of the people in your care through those activities that we offer. 

Our services are beneficial to children, families, parents, the vulnerable and the elderly alike. Services are tailored to the event and group of people involved. We are experienced in encouraging and making less engaging people to engage with activities in a gentle manner. We also give opportunity for people to express their inner self by letting their own ideas down. 

Our activities have been known to help its members remember good memories which in turn boost general well being. Prices and times are negotiable to the best we can do.

Why We Are Different

  • Personalised products and services to different customers
  • High quality creative designs
  • Create your own designs
  • Friendly environment and great support
  • competitive prices
  • Not on the high street products 

Lydia Ajiboye

  • An experienced and qualified crafting teacher
  • DBS checked including safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults
  • Qualified in various courses over the years including first aid, health and social care, caring for vulnerable children, how to teach crafts workshops etc.
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